Skateboarding: A Passion

Skateboarding: A Passion

by Rieley Dempster

According to US Census and industry survey data, over 16% of teens under 18 actively skateboard in 2015, totalling over 6.5 million teens . Skateboarding is considered to have developed from surfing, and was initially known as sidewalk surfing when the first skateboard was introduced in 1950. According to various estimates, there are currently than 20 million skateboarders from all around the world. There are many teen that started years ago. I, personally, have a few friends that love to skate.


West has many avid skateboarders. I interviewed one, Senior David Galdan, about his interest: “I have been skating since I was in the sixth grade. There was some one that I didn’t know that well I seen him do a really cool trick which is known as the Tray Flip. When I seen him do this trick and landed it, it made me want to skate even more. I tried and tried, sometimes I feel like I wanted to give up, but there was something in my head telling me NO. Like I could really do this and get good at it, so I stuck to it. I have been skating for about eight years, I want to become the new Tony Hawk.”


Some people might think of skateboarding as more of a men and boys activity, but this is not true.  Many girls here at West skateboard. Women have been involved in skateboarding from the beginning. The first female professional skateboarder in history was Patti McGee.

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