Soccer at its finest

Soccer at its finest

by  Edgar Ramirez-Moreno

Soccer is a very famous sport in Mexico, starting with club teams  and going all the way to national teams. Of all the teams in Mexico Las Chivas is one of the best. Las Chivas are a team from a small league called Liga MX. Their rivalry is with a team from Mexico City called America Aguilas. I sat down with West Auburn student and soccer fan Alejandra De La Rosa to ask her what she thought about the prospects for Las Chivas and her own favorite soccer positions.

Edgar Ramirez-Moreno: “Who do you feel is Las Chivas best player?”

Alejandra: “Their best player is Santos.”

Edgar Ramirez-Moreno: “How is the team doing this season?”

Alejandra: “I feel that the Chivas are doing well this season. Their last game they played against their rivalry team America and won, two- one. It was a good game. Omar scored twice, first goal within first 15 minutes of the game and second with a header at the last 5 minutes of halftime.

Edgar Ramirez-Moreno: “I know you play soccer, what’s your favorite position?”

Alejandra: “My favorite position is goalie because I feel I am concentrated on the ball.  I also feel I have absolute control of the game as I am the last line of defense.”

Las Chivas are currently 10th in the Liga MX standings with 5 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses.

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