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The BigMac at Its Finest


By Alejandro Ramirez

The other day I was working at McDonalds and a woman comes to the drive thru and yells at me about how much a big mac is, and it got me thinking about; how much the big mac has cost over time? According to Wikipedia, in 1968 when McDonald’s first opened, a big mac was $0.49. Now that same burger is $4.79.

If U.S. prices are too high for you go abroad. According to the, a big mac in Venezuela costs $0.67. But before you pack up your bags for a trip consider this: according to a tube of name brand toothpaste cost twice what it does here and a name-brand 36-pack of condoms costs $255.00! On the other end of the spectrum, in Switzerland, a big mac is $6.80 –  almost $7.00!

If a Big Mac is too much for you try looking at McDonald’s dollar menu. You can get a cheeseburger for $1.10 or a McChicken for $1.30. Or perhaps you could look at other fast food competitors, like Wendy’s for instance. There you can get a quarter-pound cheeseburger for just $1.99.

In the end it’s your choice where to go spend your money on food, so why complain? Just go to Wendy’s and order a quarter pound cheeseburger, or go to another competitor to have lunch. It is not the cashiers’ choice how much the food costs. In the meantime, if you happen to be by Venezuela, Big Macs are a killer deal. Just make sure you don’t need any toothpaste or condoms.

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