Ticking Time

Students from West Auburn had the opportunity to visit Wesley Homes in Auburn Washington, we had the chance to interview people who lived there. This experience was one to remember. The hour long  talk I had with a resident name Barbara Shaffer was amazing, I got to hear what it was like back in her teenage days. I was surprised how much the world has changed since then. Here are a couple questions I asked Barbara:


What’s the difference between today’s generation v.s. when you were younger?

“You’re much more aware of the world ,the whole world and partly because technology and               travel has made that possible. Another difference is our age were  joiners, we joined groups and agencies, and  stayed with it I mean if there was a meeting on the 3r tuesday of every month we always showed up that’s just who we were. Now i get the impression that  you make commitments but it’s a different kind of thing you may show up to the activity but every 3rd tuesday oh please”


What  was a common place you hung out at?

“You’re gonna laugh, the drive ins”


What is it like living at the Wesley Homes?

“First we’ve been here less than a year this place has been open 10 ½ years a few people have been here since it’s been open, so uhm we chose to live here because we plan to live a long time but we know that we won’t always be healthy, and this place provides what is called continuous care which means it’s really independent, we come for breakfast that’s really the only time we come up here, uhm but continuous care means that if we need more care as we age it’s available here and that’s one thing we appreciate.”


What was one of your childhood dreams?

“I grew up before what was called the women’s movement, when the role of women professionally have grown up in a family with 2 college graduates as parents who simply assumed wed go to college, which we all did I  wanted to do something that was exclusively male profession and my sexuality was doubted, but I wanted to be a church person, a minister and I was told repeatedly I couldn’t do it because I was a female.”

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