Birthdays in the Month of May & June





     Birthdays are the anniversaries of the day which a person was born, by celebrating the occasion friends and family members would give you gifts. This event is celebrated every year on the same day in honor of your existence.

      On May 4, my mother Christina turned 42 years old. On the 6th, Kyle was born. On the 16th Paycen and Kirya were born. On the 24th, Erik was born. On the 26th, my cousin Sabrina will be turning 18 years old. On the 28th of May is the day I was born along with my twin cousins Deja and Jada. I am the oldest though. On June 10th is Adam’s birthday and on the 27th is Jesse’.

      Everyday is special because there is a birthday on each day of every month. Celebrations and parties are thrown for that special someone on their birthday. Happiness and joyful energies come out of this wonderful time spent with your closest friends and family members. Every time your birthday passes you will age by one year. Until there isn’t much to age anymore. So spend each one like it’s your last because there are only going to be about 100 in your whole lifetime.  

      If you were born in these months then your Zodiac sign is either a Taurus, Gemini or Cancer. Zodiac signs are personalities you are that determine certain things you do or can relate to. They also can tell your daily horoscope.

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