Erik Welch’s Summer Weather

This may sound crazy but the forecast for this summer looks like it is going to be hot, but it is also going to be cold. It is going to have ups and downs all summer. Just like people’s emotions (XD). For the rest of this week in June, it is going to rain. For the rest of the month, it is going to be freezing due to the mostly cloudy days with low temperatures.  For the month of July, it is going to be mostly sunny with some clouds and showers.  Also, it is going to be hotter than normal. So make sure to wear your t-shirts and/or shorts so that you do not get sick by having long sleeved shirts and coats, sweats, and jeans on.

According to Komo weather, in For August, it’s going to be mostly sunny with a lot some of rain.  (Kind of like (not really) cloudy with a chance of meatballs) This means that it is going to be much colder hotter than usual. You should wear clothes like shorts and t-shirts so that you do not suffocate. In your warmer clothes, you will be extremely hot and you might suffocate or become extremely ill. I say this because, according to accuweather, it is going to be in the 70’s and in the 80’s outside. These temperatures also, bring an umbrella with you if you. You’ll need it for shade from the sun, or as protection from rain. So make sure you are prepared!

Since it is going to be hot and cold this summer, there is a chance that there will be thunder and lightning. So be extremely cautious only when you are outside. It could rain and lightning/thunder could appear. So that means that you need to stay away from trees, windows, and water. If you stand right next to them or touch them, you might get electrocuted. Then you could be really hurt which would send you to the hospital.

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