Tips on keeping your car in good condition

Are you a new driver that doesn’t know the basics of your car or how to keep it in good condition? If so I have some helpful tips that you could possibly learn from. The most common maintenance item for your car is making sure your oil is at the right level and changing it frequently along with the oil filter. Its a great idea to check your engine oil level every time you fill up with gas. Remember to always check your oil with the engine off and the car on level ground. You can find where your oil dipstick (the thing you use to check your oil) is located by looking in your owners manual or doing a quick search online. Add oil if it is low but be sure not to overfill.

The next thing you should check is your coolant level. If you are low on coolant your engine could end up overheating and have a malfunction and you might end up breaking down. Always check your coolant level with your engine off and cold. Coolant is stored in the radiator and coolant reservoir. Never remove the radiator cap to add coolant when the engine is warm as you may be sprayed with very hot water and coolant that could cause severe burns. Once again, check your owners manual or online for the location of these items on your car.

¬†Keeping your brakes in check is good for your car and your safety. If you step on your brakes and you feel little pressure pushing back up into your foot or your brake pedal slowly sinks after it becomes firm, you need to check your brake fluid. If the level is correct and you don’t see any leaks it is time to bleed your brakes. To find your brake fluid reservoir see your owners manual or search online. Bleeding your brakes can be done in your garage but this is more advanced than the previous topics. Online is a great resource. If you don’t feel comfortable you can normally take your car into Les Schwab for a free brake inspection. This can be a great option for such a critical safety item.¬†

Your car needs maintenance, don’t avoid it or be afraid to tackle it on your own. Youtube and forums can be great resources. Keep your car in tip top shape and running great and you won’t be disappointed.


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