Aftermath of School Shooting

This is my personal experience and other survivor’s stories of making it out alive of the Marysville-Pilchuck school shooting, we will forever remember the friends and family we have lost during those traumatic times. It was a silent Friday morning on October 24th, 2014. It had been a week since homecoming and everyone was still in high spirits when first lunch rolled around. I had just finished my lunch when I heard the first two pops, it sounded like a chip bag being popped open five separate times. I had thought nothing of it and continued to walk towards the main cafeteria where the sounds had come from, that’s when I heard people screaming; “someone has a gun! Run!” Instinctively I ran, I ran as hard as I could towards the football field when our school cop told us to get into a classroom, so I ran again to the closest room I could find. About 45 minutes later, a SWAT team of five police officers came to escort us to a bus that took us to a church down the road. When I exited the bus all I wanted was to be with my parents, surrounded by safety.Almost four years later I attend a smaller alternative school that understands the pain and trauma I have experienced, but that does not mean I fear to go to school everyday. I constantly look for an exit to escape through in case of emergency. Practicing fire drills, earthquakes, and especially lockdowns mentally bring me back to Marysville Pilchuck. It might seem silly and absurd but I truly fear for my life on a day to day basis with everything I do from grocery shopping to riding the bus. I have come to understand and overcome these fears by trusting myself and to always remember the friends I lost that day. Rest in peace Gia Soriano, Zoe Galasso, Shaylee Chuckulnaskit, Andrew Fryberg.

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