Worldwide Natural Disasters



       In early September 2017 millions were devastated across the globe. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and more have damaged the earth in many ways. This tragedy still continues today. Is the world coming to an end?    

         In Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and the Caribbean. Hurricane Maria destroyed buildings and knocked out power which left thousands in the Dominican Republic without electricity up to 6 months. About 9,990 people were evacuated from their homes. At least 18 people died from this widespread destruction in San Juan. According to Mayor Carlos Delgado Altieri, the shelters are running out of food and only have one or two more days worth remaining. 30 or more deaths were confirmed in the Caribbean at the Condado Community as of this writing.

           Earthquakes in Mexico City left three days of national mourning according to President Enrique Pena Nieto. About 44 buildings were damaged including homes, schools, and office buildings. More than 1,900 people were being treated in health facilities. The death toll was over 200 people. The number of dead is on the rise as rescuers pull bodies from piles of debris. 95 percent of the electricity had been restored.

           Ash fell like snow in Seattle, Washington. Wildfires sent plumes of smoke into the atmosphere. Dispatchers serving East Fire and Rescue received many calls of concern about thick smoke and ash settling on cars. People were starting to become curious about the air quality and the moon and sky turning red. The last time ash ever fell from the sky was on May 18th, 1980. Which left the city is complete darkness because of the enormous clouds forming around the area. Rumors say the world is going to end starting on September 23, 2017. But this was just a theory about a collision between “Planet Nibiru” and Earth.

          In conclusion, this summer hasn’t been the best but we still have hope that everyone will recover safely and get the help they need. All the survivors who survived Hurricane Maria and the earthquake in Mexico are the lucky ones. Based on all these horrific incidents occurring around the same time, the world may be coming to an end but we will never know until further more details.

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