What is WE Day All About ?

      Humanitarians, activists, and social entrepreneurs, brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger believe that together, WE can change the world. Over 20 years ago, they set out on a bold mission: to work with developing communities to free children and their families from poverty and exploitation. Their vision expanded to include empowering youth at home, connecting them with global issues and social causes, and partnering with schools to inspire young change-makers from within the classroom. And with the launch from ME to WE, they created an innovative social enterprise that provides products that can make an impact, empowering people to change the world with their everyday consumer choices.

         WE Day is an unparalleled celebration of young people committed to making a difference. WE Schools is the yearlong program that nurtures compassion in young people and gives them the tools to create change in their local and global communities. Together they offer people the tools and inspiration to take social action, empower others and transform lives – including their own.

        WE Day helps people in need by creating WE Villages. This is an adaptive, effective five-pillar model built on 20 years of experience collaborating with dedicated community members and international development experts to find solutions that work. The five pillars are education, water, health, food, and opportunity. We want a world where all children -girls and boys- have access to education and where no child has to work to ensure their family’s survival.

         May 3rd, 2018 at KeyArena, Seattle Center is the next time we will be celebrating WE Day! WE Schools is our educational program that challenges young people to lead with the conviction that together, we can transform lives locally and globally. The program helps young people understand how to step up and make a difference in their neighborhood and world at large, and provides them with the tools to take action and connect with other like-minded change-makers. West Auburn High School is apart of this movement because we as a community want to work together to make a change in everyone’s lives. This school is seen as a school for bad kids and we want to prove to them that that is only a stereotype and we can make a difference and work hard like anybody else can.

WE Day Website: https://www.we.org/we-day/we-day-events/seattle/

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