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Do you know what a ferret is? keep reading and you’ll find out. The ferret is a domesticated form of a European Polecat, a mammal belonging to the same genus as the weasel. They typically have brown, white, black or mixed fur. Their specific name is Mustela Putorius Furo. A ferret’s life span is about 6-10 years. Adult ferret females are called Jill’s, male ferrets are called Hobs.

  • Pregnancy care – Adult ferrets weight usually varies between 1.5 – 4.4lbs. Ferrets will stay pregnant for 42 days before giving birth. Once they’re ready to give birth, they make a nest in their cage. If they have a strong bond with their owner, they’ll often bring you to their babies to hold them.Your ferret will let you know if she wants you to see her babies, if you touch them too much before she invites you she’ll go into fear mode and eat her babies, so allow her to grab a hold of your hand with her teeth and guide you to her babies.
  • Attention – You gotta give these little guys a lot of attention, they’ll nip at your ankles to be picked up and held, they’ll snuggle up on you and take a nice nap. They also make various of noises, such as clucking, a type of bark, and they’ll also meow! Can you believe that? Another thing you need to know is that ferrets don’t need to be bathed a lot, they have natural body oils that help with their coats. Ferrets dig and scratch at the cage when they want your attention and that means they’re letting you know that they want out, sometimes having a ferret scratch and bite at the cage means you aren’t letting your little fur-ball play outside of the cage enough.
  • Special Considerations/Facts – Keep ferrets away from direct sunlight and keep their cage no higher than 72 degrees, they can suffer from severe heat stroke. Ferrets have this thing they do, it’s called a war dance, they do it in order to show you or another ferret they want to play. They’re smelly though.  but if you don’t mind some maintenance with them they’re a good pet to have. Another interesting fact about these fur-balls, Their sleep schedule is anywhere from 14-16 hours A DAY! Man, I wish I could sleep like that. Ferrets are half blind, but they have a keen sense of smell and hearing which helps them because of their poor eyesight. That means loud music is a no-go! It’ll scare them and get their anxiety going, no one likes anxiety right? If you decide to get one, enjoy having a little fur-ball loving on you and bonding with you, because you’ll get a lot of it. Ferrets loves shiny things, anything shiny keep hidden because the WILL take it. Most of your belongings that they can drag with their mouth they’ll take and hide. Ferrets are known to get cancer easily, heat stroke, and ear mites, so take your ferret to the vet regularly for check ups, You go to the doctor regularly right? He or she will need to also. I think people would love to have a ferret because of how fun and adorable they are, as long as you put in the time to create a bond with your ferret, you’ll have an amazing little companion that will love to sleep with you, eat with you, and play with you.
  • Family & Friends – They’ll make you happy, I know once my girlfriend got ferrets they made us happy. There will be times when your ferret isn’t up for meeting new people, most times this occurs is when your ferret is extremely stressed. Strange or unfamiliar places can cause your ferrets stress levels to go up. Pay attention to your ferret’s behavior about meeting new people, having a fluffed up tail and fur can mean various things, such as excited or scared, or angry, so you need to pay close attention to your ferret. If your ferret hisses or screams or screeches at you, it means that your ferret doesn’t want to meet anyone new.
  • Exercise/Playtime – Ferrets love walks in the park, but you need to get them used to the H shaped harness, once you feel they are comfortable and behave take them out for a walk and explore the area together. Ferrets need to be outside of their cage at least an hour a day, they love to roam and explore.
  • Bathing/Coat care  Ferrets don’t need to be bathed a lot, despite the smell, excessive bathing could potentially be harmful to your ferret. Ferrets create their own body oils in order to protect their skin. When you  feel like it’s time for you little buddy to get a bath, make sure to get ferret shampoo, it has the right pH for their skin. Make sure to wash all of the soap off of them because the shampoo could dry out their skin.Ensure when your ferret stands up in the water, that it is above their head.
  • Diet – Ferrets cannot survive without meat somewhere in their diet, however although fresh raw meat is a part of the ferrets diet, it may contain harmful parasites and microorganisms that create risks unacceptable to pet owners. There is diet ferret food at Walmart and of course pet stores, if you need help finding it within the store and the best kind for you pet, ask a professional within the store. 
  • Potty Time –  Usually your ferret knows how to go to the bathroom inside their cage, they have their own corner they poop and pee in. Place a second litter box outside of the cage in the space they play in. Place the ferret in the litter box before taking him/her out to play, and frequently take him/her to the litter box during play time. If you notice your ferret backing into a corner with their tail up, take them straight to the litter box at once, that’ll teach them that going potty outside the litter box or their cage is bad. 
  • Different breeds – There are many different breeds such as, Albino, Black Sable, Black Sable Mitt, Blaze, Champagne, Chocolate, Chocolate Mitt, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Mitts, Dalmatian, Heavy Silver or Pewter, Panda, Light patter, Medium patter, Sable, Sable Mitt, Siamese, Siamese Mitt, Stripped white, and last White with dark eyes. If you would like to look at what they look like, feel free to google these breeds. 




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