Allison Brown, Student reporter

Wed March 18, 2018


Bullying. It’s a topic we are all familiar with but don’t want to open up to because we are scared to face criticism of others opinions. Meet Eddie, he is a Junior at West Auburn and he is a victim of bullying. In middle school he got bullied a lot.

I interviewed Eddie and he said ” I was bullied a lot in middle school, mostly 8th grade, when I came out for being gay”. A lot of people said hurtful things to him and made him feel like he isn’t normal or as good. You shouldn’t bully kids for being gay,bi, or anything else or for anything. Kids would tell him “Kill yourself gays not okay” , call him a faggot , and people would treat him differently. Some people even went so far as to make fake profiles of him saying “kill yourself” “I’m gay”. This is something that’s not okay and we should change in our society.

Eddie is not the only victim.. Bullying affects many other people too some are just afraid to say. You can’t have people hiding and feeling like they amount to nothing. Everybody should be treated the same no matter what. We are all equal. A inspirational quote from Eddie “when people try to bring you down it’s because they are already below you”. Don’t feel alone people care about you. We can all try and be nicer. If you experience bullying at West Auburn High School tell administrator or stick up for someone and say it’s not okay.

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