Cristian’s Stolen Car


Jordan Kamoto


On March 2nd, 2018 Cristian walked out while working on a project in 6th period for Yearbook. A friend of his asked whether or not he drove to school, then the student told Cristian that his car was missing. When Cristian went outside to see if his car was there, when he noticed his car wasn’t there he said he was “so shocked”, he called the police and was told there would be a police officer at his house later. After his mom gave him a ride home he waited for the police, the next day his car was found.

The principal is aware of the stolen car. He said the office “Feels bad” about it and that it’s “…unfortunate…”. They’ve said they’re already started to take action to prevent any further stolen cars, including walking around the parking lot regularly during the afternoon and they are trying to get cameras installed. After asking if the students are welcome to park in the staff parking area, the principal said that staff parking will not become open to students because he believes it “won’t make a difference” since there have been cars that have been broken into even though they were in front of the school. Will school parking become more reliable? Maybe we will find out in this coming year.


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