Starbucks Arrest

Starbucks Arrest

Alyssa, Stone

Two African-American men named Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, were arrested at Starbucks in Philadelphia after not buying food and staying in there for hours. The chief executive of Starbucks on a Monday called for “unconscious bias” training for store managers and said he was sorry for what he called “reprehensible” circumstances that led up to the arrest of two black men at the Philadelphia Starbucks last week. The two men had gotten the cops called on them after they were in Starbucks for too long.


According to Mr. Nelson and Mr.Robinson, Mr. Nelson asked to use the bathroom. He was told he needed to purchase something first, so he decided to sit down and join Robinson, where they were waiting for a third person. The manager then came up and asked them if they needed anything. A couple minutes later the cops showed up.


A women recorded a video of all this and posted it online, it went viral and reached almost a million views. The store manager said, “Two gentlemen in my cafe… are refusing to make a purchase or leave”. In the police report it was stated that the men cursed at the manager when she said the bathroom was for customers only. The cops were called because the men wouldn’t make a purchase and were refusing to leave.


The Philadelphia police commissioner said he has joined Starbucks in taking at least partial responsibility for what happened. The police and the Starbucks managers feel bad for what happened. One of the police had said “I fully acknowledge that I played a significant role in making the incident worse.” officers had asked the men “politely to leave” three times because Starbucks said they were trespassing. After the men refused to listen one of the store managers Ross said, the police made the arrest.

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