Letter To Next Year’s Class


My name is Alyssa Stone and I attended West Auburn High my sophomore year. High School is just like middle school except you learn different things. West is a good school to go to because the teachers and administrators truly care about you. Teachers here are happy to help you with your work, give you extra time,and  do what’s best for you individually. The school offers programs that are best for you based on your outside of school life. This school cares about your safety. For example, if you have a conflict with another student they do whatever it is to keep you safe and feeling good. If you show up to school everyday there is no way to fail.

Even though I said West Auburn High is a good school I would recommend, there are a lot of kids who like to screw off and skip. If you get mixed up with the wrong crowd you will get peer pressured into things that may affect your attendance and grades. Most kids are nice and do there own thing. Some kids want to cause unnecessary drama. I’d suggest to only have a few friends and not get involved in all the drama everyone else wants to cause.

West Auburn allows you ten minutes longer for lunches which I like a lot because it allows you to have some time to chill. This school in my opinion is a lot easier because you get more help and you do all work in class. The vice principal Talbert is also cool and gives me rides.

In my opinion if you’re the type of person who really wants to do your work and not get involved in drama then West will be a great school for you. I came here from Auburn High and West is a lot better because you get more help,it’s smaller, and its easier if you’re behind in credits. People think West Auburn High School is for “bad kids” or kids who don’t care but, if you really get to know the kids and the atmosphere, for the most part I think you’ll see everyone is there for each other and we all know we are each individually fighting a battle. I think West is awesome.

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