Stephanie & Donald

Stephanie Clifford also was known as “Stormy Daniels” is working with her lawyer Michael Aventai to bring a story to the public that she’s been hiding for so many years and now she’s ready to unravel and tell her part of the story that President Trump would have rather kept it under wraps. Stephanie claims that she and Donald Trump had sexual intercourse back in 2006 and that he told her to keep quiet since. Trump denies this accusation is in the process of suing Stephanie. Stephanie was born in Louisiana in 1979, she became an adult film performer in 2004. Stephanie also thought of running for Senate in Louisiana in 2010. Stephanie says she met Donald at a golf charity tournament in July 2006. She claims in a 2011 interview with touch weekly that Trump invited her to dinner and that she met him at his hotel room. Stephanie confesses that they both had sexual relations in that hotel room. Stephanie also confesses,” He was all sprawled out on the couch, watching television or something.” she said in the touch weekly interview. “He was wearing pajama pants.” Donald’s lawyer says that Donald Vehemently Denies Stephanie’s accounting of events. If Stephanie’s accusation is true, all of this would have happened just merely four months after the birth of Mr. Trump’s youngest child Barron.

During the Presidential campaign in 2016, Donald’s Trump’s lawyer “Michael Cohen” paid Stephanie $130,000 to enter a non-disclosure agreement, to keep the story from going public. Mr. Cohen claims did pay Stephanie the Porn Star $130,000 to keep quiet about any sexual relations that she “might” have had with his client, but he says that none of this had to do with the Presidential Campaign. Stephanie claims that she was physically threatened by someone who worked for Donald Trump. She claims that she was going to a fitness class with her infant daughter when a man came and approached her at her car when she was getting things out of her car and he said to her “leave trump alone, forget the story.” Then he leaned over and looked at her daughter and said, “what a beautiful little girl, it’d be a shame if something happened to her mom.” and that after saying that he was gone. Stephanie says that she only took the $130,000 because she was afraid for her family’s safety.

Michel Cohen had his home, his hotel room and his office raided by the FBI on Monday morning of April 9th. Michael is under criminal investigation, for criminal conduct for some personal business dealings. Michael ended up not showing to his court meeting on Friday the 6th. On late April 9th Cohen’s attorneys called the searches, “completely inappropriate and unnecessary.” The FBI had a search warrant to find information about the $130,000 paid to Stephanie but they ended up finding the business dealings.Now finding these personal dealing make Michael Cohen look really bad it makes him seem very suspicious. There are reports of an illegally disguised payment to Stephanie, which violates money laundering laws and campaign laws. Therefor Trump and Cohen handled the Stormy affair very carelessly. It’s unclear what this could lead to it could lead to impeachment but that’s unlikely because President Trump does not appear to be directly be at fault. Nothing ties him to Cohen’s actions. While it may be politically improper, it’s probably not illegal as it relates to President Trump.Cohen on the other hand may face serious legal issues.




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