Horoscope 2018


ARIES :Mars,your ruler, continues the motion in Taurus plan and your plan of income not just that but your property suffer a slow down.Your energy for achieving things has slowed down as well, but lucky for you Venus is moving into your area of your chart, and is connected with your career.For the next few weeks, your bosses and people will recognise your ready to go filling this is the time when you find people your attracted to.During the coming year, while jupiter and scorpio are a lined you will have opportunities to expand and improve on any jointly owned properties, and you benefit financially from others in different ways.

TAURUS :Mars as it remains is in your sign, and although you have been very busy lately,you won’t have quite your usual energy until mars turns direct again.This will help that your ruler Venus is moving into the area of your chart and travelling of your general horizons, indicating that its a good time for a holiday.In fact, it’s a good time to meet new people from different walks of life, and during the coming year when jupiter is moving through the partnership of your chart, you’ll have opportunities to experience your personal growth through your relationships to come.

GEMINI :As mercury your ruler, is in your chart connected with your partnerships, and close relationships you have a chance to be involved in open discussions which will bring new understanding between you.This will happen before mid-month, but as mercury turns retrograde, and you’ll have to make a allowance for the possibility of confusion in any, and all communications.And now that jupiter is transiting your chart connected with all your workplaces and your health, and diet you’ll have opportunities during the coming year your going to be working on yourself.

CANCER :Venus is going to move into the capricorn, and this is the best positions for your close relationships but be careful for all of your relationships are. In trouble this is also the time for you to achieve harmony with all that you come in contact with.You can express your affection easily with the ones close to you, and can understand your partner’s needs whether its with a personal or business relationship, and you get maximum co-operation between you.The start of every month the new moon suggests.That you’ll develop a new creative venture, or get a new romance if your last one fell apart as jupiter moved into your chart, you can expect opportunities for creativity in all forms, and even a chance to publish some of your work, and children may fall into your life more then normal.


LEO :Mars retrograde in your chart connected with your career, and your public persona is seems hard going, and your probably not achieving the results you’re looking for.The effort your putting into objectives will pay off in the long term, as venus moves into capricorn your relationship with work becomes easier.Your home, and family is concerned with you, and in the coming year there will be opportunities that you need to take right away.

VIRGO :Mercury, your ruler will spend most of the mouth on your chart connected with friends and family and have open discussions with them.Your communication may be subject to misunderstanding or disappointing but you do have a chance to make a new start perhaps in a new locality or with friends and family.Meanwhile mars continues to retrograde motion in taurus but because of this most of your time and energy is going to foreign matters this can be with travel and people or in legal business too your patience will be rewarded.

LIBRA  :You have no doubt you’ve been fighting for what you fell like is rightfully yours including property,or shared resources all you should settle all your matters during december but you too can get a new start but you’ll have to work for it in fact you’ll have many opportunities for the expansion of your income and property may grow but you’ll have to wait for it to come but after a long term your money will grow.


SCORPIO :With jupiter now inside your sign this coming year you’ll get a new personal growth and self development this could set you on the right path for the next 12 years.The time is here for you to turn a fresh page into your life and gain new experiences.Unfortunately your relationships are going to be a weird one and it’s to be sure that your interaction with friends and loved ones will be fun.

SAGITTARIUS :This month your going to suffer some tension either in the workplace or your health and fitness and even though it seems that your problems will never be solved let some time pass and your problems with the time.Do be careful thought for your misunderstandings may lead to the fall of letters and your journey may end very quicker than you think.Finally jupiter your ruler will help and hurt you but you’ll be able to learn new things with loved ones.

CAPRICORN :As venus moves into your sign this mouth your whole personality will become more warm to others the more you wait the more peaceful you’ll get and be able to maintain harmony making good impressions on everybody.Your friends will be considerable and you’ll probably get involved with a group activity in fact your more likely to find friends this year than any other and your hopes and dreams will slowly come thought.


AQUARIUS :Your planes for your home and for your family are coming and this will get rid of some of the tension.But before that your professional career will be public and may fall in a later time and you’ll see a small type of light.After everything falls someone you care about will find sometime to help you and have you enter there lifes.Soon your life will become happy and everything your lost will come back to you in time but if your not happy it can all fall down again.


PISCES :You’ll find your loved ones out in nature more often than normal and you’ll find yourself out there with them and you’ll try things you don’t do.This coming year you’ll travale more with friends than family but you may need to put your faith in family more than friends.Be on sight because your life my go public without you knowing and it may change your life if your not careful with what you talk about

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