Starbucks Arrest

Starbucks Arrest Alyssa, Stone Two African-American men named Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, were arrested at Starbucks in Philadelphia after not buying food and staying in there for hours. The chief executive of Starbucks on a Monday called for “unconscious bias” training for store managers and said he was sorry for what he called “reprehensible” […]

Open Doors Program

In the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, West Auburn High School created a new program called “Open Doors”. The program was created for students 16 – 21 years of age. The purpose of the program is for the kid who feels tired of high school, are too far behind and don’t want to be […]


Bullying Allison Brown, Student reporter Wed March 18, 2018   Bullying. It’s a topic we are all familiar with but don’t want to open up to because we are scared to face criticism of others opinions. Meet Eddie, he is a Junior at West Auburn and he is a victim of bullying. In middle school […]

Perfect Pets

Do you know what a ferret is? keep reading and you’ll find out. The ferret is a domesticated form of a European Polecat, a mammal belonging to the same genus as the weasel. They typically have brown, white, black or mixed fur. Their specific name is Mustela Putorius Furo. A ferret’s life span is about […]

Caring for Pet Rats

Family & Friends: Contrary to popular belief, rats are not disease ridden flea bags that go around biting people and digging through trash. In fact they are actually amazing pets. They are very intelligent, hygienic, and lovable animals to own. Although having pet rats isn’t really simple, it’s still very rewarding. Rats have many specific […]

Be Invisble

My friends I’m compassionate. They’re right, I’m really empathetic. My family thinks I’m bubbly and that’s true. When I’m at school I am hardworking and when I’m at home I’m lonely. When you look at me, I seem stuck up. The person I am inside doesn’t look like the person on the outside because I’m […]

What is WE Day All About ?

      Humanitarians, activists, and social entrepreneurs, brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger believe that together, WE can change the world. Over 20 years ago, they set out on a bold mission: to work with developing communities to free children and their families from poverty and exploitation. Their vision expanded to include empowering youth at home, connecting them […]

Violence in Myanmar Forcing Rohingyas to Flee

         The Rohingya people are described as the world’s most persecuted population. About 1.1 million Rohingyas live in Rakhine State, Myanmar, where they have coexisted alongside Buddhists for decades and are descendants of Muslims, perhaps Persian and Arab traders. They speak a language similar to the Bengali dialect of Chittagong in Bangladesh. Rohingyas are angrily criticized […]