What is Antifa? Antifa is a militant (using extreme violences in support of political or social cause) political movement of autonomous, self-styled and anti-fascists groups. According to Salon “it is an organizing strategy, not a group of people”. While its membership numbers cannot be estimated accurately, the movement has grown since the election of Donald […]

Erik Welch’s Summer Weather

This may sound crazy but the forecast for this summer looks like it is going to be hot, but it is also going to be cold. It is going to have ups and downs all summer. Just like people’s emotions (XD). For the rest of this week in June, it is going to rain. For […]

Birthdays in the Month of May & June

                 Birthdays are the anniversaries of the day which a person was born, by celebrating the occasion friends and family members would give you gifts. This event is celebrated every year on the same day in honor of your existence.       On May 4, my mother Christina turned 42 […]


We all know that DNA makes up all of our bodies.  So here are some examples of DNA from the Pokemon series to actual reality. However, did you know about the five Pokemon related to DNA? Deoxys, the DNA Pokemon’s Pokedex(if you don’t know what a Pokedex is,it’s an electronic device designed to catalogue and […]

March Madness

  March Madness   March Madness is heating up early this season . For the first time, the NCAA Division l Men’s Basketball selection committee will offer teams and fans an in-season look at the NCAA Division I men’s Basketball championship bracket.The current winning team in the year 2016 in Villanova Houston, Texas with the […]

Ticking Time

Students from West Auburn had the opportunity to visit Wesley Homes in Auburn Washington, we had the chance to interview people who lived there. This experience was one to remember. The hour long  talk I had with a resident name Barbara Shaffer was amazing, I got to hear what it was like back in her […]

French Election

The French Election   There is a French election being held April 23rd and will end May 7th of 2017. The contenders are François Fillon, Marine La Pen and Emmanuel Macron. Emmanuel Macron is currently in the lead. Marine La Pen, who is more of the “Donald Trump” of France, was in the lead previously. […]

My experience at Wesley Homes

Erik Welch Wesley homes is a large community for retired people that has a café/buffet, and a big library. My experience at Wesley Homes was interesting. There were several nice people, we made jokes, and more. We were allowed to get water, coffee, and food. The people from my school enjoyed going because they got […]